Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hey Ssssteve, did you happen to catch the Atlanta race today? That whiney old #20 displayed his superior driving skills once again to win by about a half a mile ahead of that guy that looks like the super clean cut guy from Montgomery/Gentry. Just wanted to pass that along in case you missed it. I'm tellin' ya, he turns left real good.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ok, I won't make a habit of recycling material, but thought this was pretty funny. Here ya go Andy and thanks to KJ for a forward I can share with a family audience....
Subject: NEWS RELEASE Just Released-
Agenda for the Democratic National Convention for 2008:
7:00 P.M. Opening flag burning.
7:15 P.M. Pledge of allegiance to U.N.
7:30 P.M. Ted Kennedy proposes a toast
7:30 till 8:00 P.M. Nonreligious prayer and worship. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.
8:00 P.M. Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.
8:05 P.M. Ceremonial tree hugging.
8:15- 8:30 P.M. Gay Wedding-- Barney Frank Presiding.
8:30 P.M. Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.
8:35 P.M. Free Saddam Rally. Cindy Sheehan-- Susan Sarandon.
9:00 P.M. Keynote speech. The proper etiquette for surrender-- French President Jacques Chirac
9:15 P.M. Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.
9:20 P.M. Collection to benefit Osama Bin Laden kidney transplant fund
9:30 P.M. Unveiling of plan to free freedom fighters from Guantanamo Bay - Sean Penn
9:40 P.M. Why I hate the Military, A short talk by William Jefferson Clinton
9:45 P.M. Ted Kennedy proposes a toast
9:50 P.M. Dan Rather presented Truth in Broadcasting award, presented by Michael Moore
9:55 P.M., Ted Kennedy proposes a toast
10:00 P.M. How George bush and Donald Rumsfeld brought down the World Trade Center Towers-- Howard Dean
10:30 P.M. Nomination of Hillary Rodham Clinton by Mahmud Ahmadinejad
11:00 P.M. Ted Kennedy proposes a toast
11:05 P.M. Al Gore reinvents Internet
11:15 P.M. Our Troops are War criminals-- John Kerry
11:30 P.M. Coronation Of Mrs. Rodham Clinton
12:00 A.M. Ted Kennedy proposes a toast
12:05 A.M. Bill asks Ted to drive Hillary home

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Is anybody else ready for the elections to be over already? I know there are important issues and all but the ads are driving me crazy. Why do they always say they approve the message at the end? Well no kidding...this ad makes me sound like an angel and I approve this message. Ya don't say. I want to run an ad too. It'd be like, I'm wrecksE and if you elect me I'll cure cancer and aids, nobody will ever be poor again, everybody will always have a good hair day, all the good people around the world will descide we're swell and they love us, gasoline will be free, hurricanes will cease to exist, your team (or your driver as long as it's Tony) will always win, and I'll vote for one free Harley per household. Oh, and my opponent is a total loser. I'm wrecksE and I approve this message.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

First of all, I really don't watch that much tv. Second of all, I have the netflix and get movies delivered to my mailbox, which is good, because theres nothing worse than going to see a movie in public just to have the annoyance of a bunch of idiots crunching snacks in your ear. I hate that!!! So the other day I get this flyer in the mail advertising this new cable special. Now I have very few interests and a short attention span. There are not many channels that I really want to watch, but I'm checking it out to see if it's time to upgrade to the new century. The basic package has a couple channels I like but to get the two or three other channels I want, I have to upgrade to the $1000 a month package that comes with 15 Spanish channels, 3500 home shopping channels, and a bunch of chick-flick all day all night channels. Why the crap don't they just let me pick 15 channels I'll actually watch? I'd pay three times as much per channel and be a happy guy. Can you imagine if a restaurant ran this way??? It'd be like, I want a steak, a salad, a baked potato, and a sweet tea. And they'd say, oh we have all those items sir. The steak is 528.99 and it comes with a yoga class, a snowboard, and some knitting needles. The salad is 237.77 and comes with some bubble bath, fresh flowers, and a box of sanitary napkins. The baked potato is 219.89 and you'll be pleased to know it comes with a workout video, a small pony, and 47 music cd's in Spanish. The sweet tea is award winning. Its 13.35 and comes with a bathtub full of gin, a record player, and plans to build your own experimental aircraft. That'll be a thousand dollars sir, please enjoy your meal.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

So it's been ten years today since my dad went to what he would have called is "long home". That's heaven for anybody unfamiliar with the King James Version ;) I don't mean to bring anybody down, I just want to take a minute to remember the best man (in my maybe not so humble opinion) that ever graced the planet since the Big Man left Jerusalem. Ten years, in some ways it seems like a week ago and other times it feels like another lifetime. I remember thinking that day, that nothing would ever be exactly right again. Dad was a preacher, but never a manipulator. He was an example of how to live when everybodys watching, and when nobody else would ever know. He'd advise you to put family first, and then show you what that looks like. He was the most Christ-like person I've ever met, and still had a sense of humor (there really should be more of that). He didn't have a bunch of degrees to hang on a wall, he just loved people so much it changed their lives. I remember one night we had finished doing our part to make PDX a little cleaner (one office at a time) and we had a flat tire on the van. I made the comment that when I got rich and famous I was going to buy him a new work van. I still remember that grin in his eye when he said that maybe by then he'd just prefer a comfortable car. Good call cause he'd still be waiting. I remember ragging on him for eating twinkies and him saying, whats the point of living forever if can't have anything you like to eat. Good point. The memories live on forever. If you had the good fortune to know the man you probably have some good memories of your own, feel free to share 'em. I'm off to pick up some Dr Pepper and some SuziQ's.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I've been a big fan of these guys since the 80's. When we were recording the last cd my buddy, who was producing, got the guitar player to come play on some of my tracks. To say the least, I was a little overwhelmed. So I'm checking out their website and I see he, and the bass player and keyboard player, wrote a new song for a movie soundtrack called "Torch Of Freedom". I'm attaching the video link because it totally blew me away. I love the line "We stand undivided/forever united/fighting hand in hand for the liberty we've earned" I don't think I've ever heard the term "earned liberty" on cnn...not even once.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

So I finally got some music posted on my myspace music site. Everyone has been so patient it's as if they really weren't waiting for it at all hmmm... Anyway, if you're into that hillbilly redneck music (and who isn't) feel free to swing by and check it out. I made 'em all up myself. I added a link on the side bar just to make it easy for ya. Feel free to download anything you might like there as its the only way you can get your own copy. I contacted several record stores about carrying the cd and heard the same old crap everytime about how their "99 cent bins were already full". What losers. Also I'll be posting some new demos from a new project I'm starting. Maybe get some input on the ones that get recorded for real. Doesn't that sound like fun? Uhh hello???

Monday, October 02, 2006

Democrats to save the Children...
So I'm watching a clip from Fox news today. Chris Wallace is interviewing Newt Gingrich and congresswoman Jane Harman, a democrat from California, about the Mark Foley scandal. So I'm sitting there thinking I know this chick is going to have some smack down for the pervy republican but what could it possibly be? I mean, it can't be because he's gay, they're fighting for his right to marry another dude if he wants to. It can't be deviant behaviour, thats some kind of right wing nonsense. So I wait and am richly amused when she pulls THIS angle. She's a mother and a grandmother, and she's deathly concerned for these poor, vulnerable children. These parents send their children into Washington to be pages and now they have to worry about these predators. The irony seems to have no limit here. Heres a woman that credits her first office victory to a grassroots effort of pro-abortion (I mean choice,) goups, organized labor, and progressive activists. Sounds like the same groups that would be all for allowing a 16-year-old in Oregon go and get an abortion without even telling her parents. Is it that girls mature faster than boys? Is a sixteen year old girl a well adjusted adult fully capable of making life altering (or ending) descisions but a sixteen year old guy flirting with an old man on the instant messenger is a helpless child? Come to think of it I'm not sure which one creeps me out more...but thats just me. At least I can rest a little easier knowing that the lefties are looking out for the "children" Oops I just threw up in my mouth again.